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Planting Certain Species of Trees Can Help with Your Deer Problem

Deer are truly magnificent creatures. They are graceful, elusive, gentle, and altogether charming when seen from afar. Many would say that whenever they see a deer, they love to stop and take pictures and enjoy the majesty. However, when it comes to home gardens, deer can actually become a nuisance. Call BrownWood Tree Serivces

Deer love to eat a variety of plants, and a home garden can seem like heaven to them. That is why many in deer country turn to repellents year-round.  While repellents work, they can be harmful to the deer; and aside from building a massive fence, you may want to find a more safe and natural way to keep deer from eating from your yard.

Avoiding Deer Repellents and Planting Trees Is A More Humane Approach

That is why you should consider planting trees that deer hate. While there are no trees out there that are 100% deer resistant, there are some that they would prefer to avoid if at all possible. These can be remarkably effective at keeping them out of the area around the tree as well.

Typically, deer react to trees or shrubs that come with a very strong and pungent odor, like spruce trees for example. While spruce may not smell bad to us, it can smell incredibly off-putting to the heightened sense of smell that deer have. So, in general you should be planting trees that have a strong aroma. Let’s take a look at a few trees that are great for discouraging deer from running amok in your yard/garden with their strong smell.

The White Spruce

The white spruce is a fantastic tree for looking great in your yard, while also repelling deer. The needles of the white spruce will give off a very unpleasant smell to the deer whenever they are crushed/stepped on. This means that as soon as the deer begin to cross your yard, they will get a whiff of the strong white spruce odor, and likely leave after a few moments.

The American Holly

The American Holly is a gorgeous hedging tree that can provide a natural fencing for your yard. However, this natural fencing is not the reason that the America Holly keeps deer out–it keeps deer out because they detest it. From the small berries it grows, to the smell of the leaves, deer really do not like American Holly. Yards and gardens that are lined with the American Holly are unlikely to deal with any deer at all.

  • The American Persimmon

The American Persimmon tree is an amazing option for repelling deer, while also getting a little something for yourself. When planted with a male and a female, you will get to enjoy the persimmon fruits the tree bears annually. It is this fruit and the smell of it that repulses deer. However, bear in mind that the fruit are attractive to smaller critters, though deer themselves do not enjoy it.

  • Final Thoughts

There is a long list of trees that can be rather effective at warding off these pesky deer wherever they are unwanted. Anything from the tulip poplar to the red maple can provide a strong enough scent to repel deer. Just remember to select trees that produce a strong aroma, and you are likely to see deer try and avoid it. Strong pungent smells may seem pleasant to us, but to deer it can be overwhelming

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